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Nami Oz

Banksy girl with balloon- Print Edition of 10 +2AP

Banksy girl with balloon- Print Edition of 10 +2AP

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Technical Details:

  • Title: Banksy girl with balloon - Print Edition.
  • Print Size: 78 x 55 cm.
  • Edition Size: Edition of 10 +2AP.
  • Paper Type: Epson Traditional Photo Paper paper.
  • Printing Technique: 
    The reprint to which this certificate refers has been reproduced from the artist's original work.
    The original work was scanned using specialized equipment, purpose-designed to scan works of art,
    and printed using an EPSON digital printer and the manufacturer's original materials and pigment dyes.
    The reprint is highly durable and should last up to one hundred years.
    The studio is an EPSON certified artwork reprint specialist authorized to use the DIGIGRAPHIE by EPSON brand name.
    The reprint has been inspected and endorsed by the artist.
    The artist's signature, affixed to this certificate, confirms the authenticity of the reprint.
    This signature, along with the reprint number, constitutes the artist's undertaking to limit the number of reprints produced.


  • Signed & Numbered.
  • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Elevate your space with a piece of limited edition art by Nami Oz.

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