About Me

Oz Nami is a 36 year old Israeli woodwork artist. Growing up, Oz was exposed to a love of art and creativity. From an early age his father instilled in him and his older brothers that they could express their own beautiful world using just their minds and hands through different artistic techniques. As a family they explored different tetchily techniques and worked with various materials to create unlimited works of art. Oz was always drown to woodwork and the use of varied color schemes. Since his father's death, Oz was left with a large hole in his heart. Born out of that pain, Oz looked to his father's teachings and love of art to create his own unique and innovative view of the world to bring joy to others. Through his creations, Oz has begun to fill the void in his heart and has come alive again. For Oz, creation is a way of life and in fact, his father's name, Haim, means life in Hebrew.

Oz has a background in electrical engineering with a concentration in digital image formation. Through his studies, Oz came to have a deep understanding of digital photo creation. Combining his knowledge and his love and passion for art, Oz created a series of pixeled pictures presented in a unique style on woodwork. Every piece contains hundreds to thousands photo pixels and colors, presented as a final high-end modern creation. Each piece goes through a hand-made process in which the type of wood is carefully selected, cut, shaped, and painted. Inspired by fine historical works, Oz brings a modern interpretation to the most iconic works of art in history with the understanding that a modern life is intertwined with the digital world.

self portrait of Oz Nami

Oz is an Israeli artist who creates fine wooden pixel art and everything is handmade.

When Oz begins to create he understands the character in depth and disguises himself as her. The work is photographed in a video full of effects and feelings that match the character in the artwork.

Precisely because of this the portrait has a wig, mustache and also a red nose.
Oz is a neat and serious electrical engineer by profession, as can be seen in the artwork in the piece wearing a suit with a tailored tie.

Of course most of the attention is taken by the mesmerizing eyes. The eyes are a special story.

Oz was born almost completely blind in the left eye and has been dealing with it all his life, which is exactly why the left eye in black and white symbolizes darkness and sadness, as opposed to the left eye which symbolizes color and light and joy.

The eyes are pixelated by tiny pixels that reflect our new lives in the digital world.

It is basically the blindness of our lives with the new reality and the lack of dealing with the experiences in the real world that we all so lack today.